Boiler repairs

East Sussex, West Sussex & Surrey

If you’re looking for a boiler repair engineer, County Plumbers Ltd have experienced boiler breakdown repair and service engineers in your area. As a company, we have over 40 years of boiler repair experience and a vast knowledge of technical know-how in combination boilers and all other types from regular boilers, heat only boilers and system boilers.

Our engineers cover the whole of East Sussex, West Sussex and Surrey.

From the very first phone call right up to your safely repaired boiler and the ongoing after-care service that we provide, you can rest assured that you’re in safe hands. Take a look at our Google reviews and you’ll see the level of service we’re committed to with each and every customer! 

Gas safe boiler service engineers

All of our engineers are fully qualified and gas safe registered (formally known as CORGI) registered.

Boilers spares & parts

We have a vast stock of boiler spares and parts and the ability to source unusual and difficult-to-get spare parts normally the very same day or the next day. So even if it’s not a straightforward job, we can get it fixed quickly for you.

Swimming pool boilers

We can repair any make and model of boiler, including swimming pool boilers.


What pressure should my boiler be?

Your boiler’s pressure gauge will usually be between 1 and 2 bars when it’s turned on. The exact recommended pressure level will vary depending on the boiler manufacturer, so do check your boiler’s manual to find this.

Bear in mind, your boiler pressure level will rise when heating your home or providing your hot water.

Why do I have no hot water?

There are several reasons why you might have no hot water.

Using your boiler manual, here are a few things you might like to check first, but please do call us if you need help:

  • Check that your gas, electric and water supplies are all connected
  • Hit the reset button or switch the boiler off at the mains to give it a boost
  • Check the settings on your thermostat
  • Check the timer/clock
  • Check the pilot light (but do not reignite if you smell gas)
  • Check/adjust the water pressure
  • If you’ve had a power cut, check the boiler settings
  • If you have a water tank or cylinder, check the settings
  • Check for leaks (resulting in a drop in pressure)

The best way to avoid problems with your hot water supply is to ensure your heating and hot water system is regularly maintained and serviced by one of our qualified professionals who will endeavour to keep everything running smoothly and safely throughout the year.

What are the most common boiler problems?

There are multiple reasons for a malfunctioning boiler but here is a list of some of the most common problems we at County Plumbers encounter:

  • Pilot light on the boiler going out
  • Leaking boiler
  • Hot water, but no heating
  • Low boiler pressure
  • Boiler kettling (trapped air caused by overheating)
  • Frozen condensate pipe
  • Boiler not responding to the thermostat
  • No heat or hot water
  • Boiler keeps switching itself off
  • Odd noises

Each of these problems can be fixed by one of our engineers so give us a call if you need our help.

Why is my boiler making noise?

A boiler making an unusual noise is not necessarily dangerous but should not be ignored. There are many reasons for odd noises like humming or gurgling but the best thing to do if you’re unhappy with the noise, is to call us.

If you can describe the noise, we may be able to diagnose the issue and advise next steps or put your mind at rest that there is nothing to worry about or if necessary, arrange an engineer visit.

Combi boilers are very efficient and well designed so are not high maintenance but like all complicated equipment, things can and do sometimes go wrong.

“Excellent service. Called them on Monday afternoon with a boiler problem. They arrived on Tuesday morning and diagnosed the fault. Ordered and collected the replacement part and fitted it the same afternoon. Boiler was back working within 24 hours. Highly recommended, fast and friendly service.”

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