Swimming pool boilers

East Sussex, West Sussex & Surrey

For a warm and comfortable swimming experience, you will of course need a boiler (or heat pump) to heat the water to the right temperature. Being in the UK, swimming pools just aren’t as enjoyable without one, and you’ll have only a couple of days a year when you’ll be brave enough to enter the water in it’s natural temperature!

How to heat your swimming pool in the most cost effective way, will naturally vary on a few different factors – such as:

  •  If it’s an indoor or outdoor pool
  • How often you require the pool to be heated
  • Where you live (or indeed where the pool is)

Whether this is for a large commercial business, or a private pool in your home, a swimming pool boiler installation or just a repair, County Plumbers can help.

Gas swimming pool boilers

We recommend a gas heater over oil to heat your swimming pool as they are the most efficient and offer the widest choice. Call us today and we will happily chat through your options, tailored to your specific requirements around pool size, location, frequency of use and budget.

Oil fired boiler for swimming pool

Another form of pool water heating is of course oil fired swimming pool boilers, with Certikin being the leading manufacturer in this space. Again, we will happily advise on the best option for you, we just need to understand a few details first.

Swimming pool boiler installation

We can supply and install a wide variety of boilers for swimming pools of all sizes. Not sure where to start? Give us a call and we can happily talk you through what capacity you will need, and the various options and prices available.

Swimming pool boiler repairs

From time to time you will need to enlist the help of a professional plumber to repair any faults with your swimming pool boiler, and we’d love to help. We have the experience to identify the cause of all common issues and get them resolved, so you can take a warm and comfortable dip in your heated pool again, in no time.

Please note – not all plumbers can work with swimming pool boilers, so you will need to ensure you choose a specialist in this area.


What does a swimming pool boiler do?

If you’ve made the significant investment of a swimming pool, you’ll want to make sure it’s used as much as possible and this, of course means the water temperature needs to be suitable for swimming.

In order to ensure a comfortable swim from May through to October, rather than just our hottest months of July and August, a dedicated boiler is a good idea.

The best thing to do is to give us a call. One of our experienced engineers will then be able to discuss your specific requirements and provide you with various heating options for you to consider.

What size pool boiler do I need for my swimming pool?

Obviously the size of your swimming pool and thus the number of litres it holds is the determining factor here.

As a rough guide, a pool 24x12ft will require a 9-14kw boiler and a 30x15ft pool will require a 14-29kw boiler.

What are the best ways to heat a swimming pool?

Solar panels are one the most cost effective ways of heating your swimming pool but we rarely get enough sun to heat it throughout the summer season, so a secondary method is usually required. A thermal pool blanket can be useful as it will help keep your heat in but the heat will gradually start to escape as soon as it’s removed. A pool enclosure which shields the pool from wind will be a great help in reducing heating cost, but they can be expensive.

A dedicated gas or oil swimming pool boiler is another good option. The time it takes for a gas boiler to heat up a swimming pool depends on the size of your pool and the amount of water being heated but for an average sized pool, it usually takes 24-48 hours to get the water to a comfortable temperature for swimming.

You could also consider using your standard domestic boiler with a heat exchanger to heat your pool. The boiler transfers heat to the pool water using a specially designed heat exchange unit. Not ideal, but possible. Call us for further information.